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When ADRIFT 5 is first installed it will be in simple mode.

This mode is designed to show only the main features of ADRIFT so that you can learn how to create locations for your game, add objects, create tasks to control what happens when the player types something, and add characters for them to interact with.

When the ADRIFT developer is in simple mode, much of the more advanced ADRIFT functionality is hidden from view, including:

The HOME tab of the toolbar ribbon looks like this in simple mode:


and like this in Advanced mode:


To switch off Simple mode, double click where it says "Simple Mode: On" on the status bar at the bottom of the window.


You can also switch simple mode on and off using the "Settings" dialog box. Select "Settings..." from the main menu to open the Settings page, then click on TickBoxSimpleMode.jpg to remove the tick.


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