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Both objects and characters have a noun field on their description page.

The noun field will normally contain a single word which describes what type of object the object is, such as a door, bed, chair, table, lamp, spear, shirt or coin.

The noun for a character will normally be man, woman, girl, boy or a type of animal or monster like "parrot" or "troll".

The noun field is actually a drop-down list which allows you to add multiple entries by pressing the enter key, then view them by clicking the down-arrow button.

Only the first noun (at the top of the list) is used when printing the name of the object or character, but any of the nouns can be used to match a name typed by the player.

You can also use these extra nouns to add completely different names for the object, including adjectives that you don't want printed as part of the objects name.

One good use of this is for characters with more than one name, such as "miss sally sparrow". If you put the full name in the Proper name field then the player would be forced to type the full name every time they want to refer to that character. But if we all of the other possible names that the player could use to refer to the character as extra entries in the list of nouns, such as "sally", "miss sally", "sally sparrow", "miss sparrow" or just "sparrow", then the player can use any of them.

The %object%.Name function can be used to print the word "the" followed by all the words in the adjective field, then the first entry in the list of nouns.

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