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This function returns the combined contents of the "Article", "Prefix/Adjective" and "Name/Noun(s)" fields on the description page of an object.

If the Name/Noun(s) field contains multiple entries on different lines, then this function will use the one at the top of the list.

New Object.jpg

Using the Name function on the above object will produce:

A small wooden desk

How to use

This function prints the contents of the three name fields on the main page of an object, as a string of text. No further functions can be appended to this function.

This function has an optional parameter that can be specified in parentheses after the function name. It specifies the article to use in the descriptor:

 %object%.Name( Article )

The possible values for "Article" are:

  • Definite - Force the use of the definite article "the".
  • Indefinite - Force the use of the indefinite article "a".

IconWarning.png %object%.Name in the current version of ADRIFT is always returning "the" instead of the actual article of the object. There is no known way to print the object name with its actual article. If you need to print the actual name of the object then you will need to create and use your own text property which contains a duplicate of the objects name.

IconWarning.png There is no way to access any of the individual fields for the article, adjective or noun. If you need access to individual fields (ie. for a foreign language that uses a different ordering) then you will need to duplicate the information in your own text properties.


  • %object%.Name
Name of the object referenced in a task.
  • Object12.Name
Name of object with the key "Object12"
  • Character2.CharOnWhat.Name
Name of object that the character with the key "Character2" is currently on top of.
  • %object%.Name(Definite)
Definite article - Uses "the" instead of the article specified in the characters descriptor.
  • %object%.Name(Indefinite)
Indefinite article - Uses "a" instead of the article specified in the characters descriptor.

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