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The OpenStatus function returns the state of an object that can be opened and closed, as one of the three words: "Open", "Closed" or "Locked".


The "Object can be open and closed" property must be selected for this function to give any output.

The selected radio-button determines whether this function returns "Open" or "Closed".


Selecting the "Object can be locked" property changes the "Open status" property from two radio-buttons marked "Open" and "Closed", to a drop-down list with the third option "Locked".

The OpenStatus function will now return whichever of the three options is selected.


The "Key for Lock" property also becomes available. This property must be set to a dynamic object that will be used as the key to unlock this object.

How to use

This function simply returns the current state of the "Open status" property as a single word that is inserted into the text.

If the "Object can be open and closed" property has not been selected, then this function does nothing.

No further functions can be appended to it.


  • Object7.OpenStatus
Prints the Open/Closed/Locked status of the object with the key "Object7".
  • %object%.OpenStatus
Prints the Open/Closed/Locked status of the referenced object, in a task with an %object% reference.

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