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This is a selection-only property of Characters.


This property should be set for any character that the player's character would be expected to know, or can be set during the game if the player discovers their name..

This property changes the description of the character

If this property is not set then ADRIFT uses the Article, Adjective and Noun fields to describe them.

> look
You are outside the house.
A pretty blonde teenage girl is here.

If this property is set then ADRIFT prints the characters proper name.

> look
You are outside the house.
Marcia is here.

The player cannot use the proper name if this is not selected

If the player uses the "kiss %character%" command on a character that does NOT have this selected, and tries to use their proper name, then ADRIFT will not recognise the name and they will get the following failure message:

> kiss marcia
Sorry, I didn't understand that command.

If the character has this property, then the "kiss %character%" general command will respond as follows:

> kiss marcia
I'm not sure she would appreciate that!

To actually allow the player to kiss a character you will need to override the "Kiss character" general task with a specific task for that character which describes the effects of kissing her.

Changing an unknown character to a known one during the game


In the above example we have created a conversation topic in which the character tells the player his name. On the Action tab of the topic we add a new action which sets this property to selected.

If the player discovers the character's name as the result of a task (such as reading a specific sign with their name on) then this action would be added to that task.

Item Function

The value of this property can be accessed (as the value 0 or 1), or used to filter a group, with the %character%.Known function


This property is defined in the "Properties" folder of The Standard Library.


  • Property of: Characters - It is only available on the property page of Characters.
  • Type: Selection Only - It only has a tick-box, so can be selected or not.
  • Its not mandatory.
  • It is not restricted to particular characters.