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There are several shortcuts that can make using the interface much easier, giving you more control over your project. The following is provided by contributions from users of the ADRIFT community. (Thanks!)

Developer Shortcuts

Special Keys

Esc = Go up one control level - Exit text box to tab to a different control, Exit page to tab to a different page
Tab = Move focus to next control on form, or next tab page
Shift+Tab = Move focus to previous control on form, or previous tab page
Insert = Toggles between insert and overtype mode in a text box
Delete = Delete character after cursor
Home = Move cursor to beginning of line
End = Move cursor to end of line
Page Up = Scroll text box by one page towards top
Page Down = Scroll text box by one page towards bottom

Control Shortcuts

CTRL+A = Saves .taf file
CTRL+C = Add New Character(With no window focus)
CTRL+C = Copy (If item within window has focus)
CTRL+D = Move selected map locations down
CTRL+E = Add New Event
CTRL+F = Search & Replace (Duplicate)
CTRL+G = Add New Group
CTRL+H = Add New Hint
CTRL+L = Add New Location
CTRL+O = Add New Object
CTRL+P = Add New Property
CTRL+R = Search & Replace
CTRL+T = Add New Task
CTRL+U = Move selected map locations up
CTRL+V = Paste
CTRL+X = Add Text Overide (If nothing currently selected)
CTRL+X = Cut (If item in window has been selected)
CTRL+SHIFT+V = Add New Variable

ALT Shortcuts

Alt+Tab = Move focus to next window. This includes all open ADRIFT windows as well as those of other applications
Alt+Shift+Tab = Move focus to previous window

  • To use the following keyboard shortcuts, hold down the Alt key while typing the following letters and numbers in sequence, then release the Alt key.

Alt+ZN = New game
Alt+ZO = Open
Alt+ZS = Save
Alt+1 = Save
Alt+ZA = Save As
Alt+ZIM = Import module
Alt+ZIB = Import Blorb
Alt+ZEM = Export module
Alt+ZEI = Export iFiction record
Alt+ZEW = Export windows executable
Alt+ZEB = Export Blorb
Alt+ZP = Protect
Alt+ZI = Introduction & end of game
Alt+ZG1 = Settings
Alt+ZX = Exit developer
Alt+OC1 = Cut
Alt+OC2 = Copy
Alt+OP = Paste
Alt+OD = Delete
Alt+OL = Create new page on map and add new location
Alt+MA = Add new location to current page
Alt+OO = Add new object to 'Objects' folder
Alt+OT = Add new task to 'Tasks' folder
Alt+OH = Add new character to 'Character' folder
Alt+OE = Add new event to 'Events' folder
Alt+OV = Add new variable to 'Variables' folder
Alt+OG = Add new group to 'Groups' folder
Alt+OR = Add new property to 'Properties' folder
Alt+OX = Add new text override to 'Text Overrides' folder
Alt+OI = Add new hint to 'Hints' folder
Alt+OF = Find
Alt+ON = Find Next
Alt+OA = Find and replace
Alt+OS = Set game Options
Alt+OU = Run game
Alt+2 = Run game
Alt+IF = Show folders window
Alt+IM = Show map window
Alt+IC = Cascade windows
Alt+IT = Tile windows horizontally
Alt+II = Tile windows vertically
Alt+IL = Tile windows
Alt+IO = Close all windows
Alt+MC = Map Centralise
Alt+MP = Map Plan view
Alt+MZ = Map zoom in
Alt+MO = Map zoom out
Alt+MS = Show grid lines
Alt+MH = Show Axes

  • Enhancement request 18619 indicates that the following may be added in a future ADRIFT version:

Alt+A = Switch to Actions tab of a task
Alt+R = Switch to Restrictions tab of a task

You can also drag items up and down a list as long as the sorting options are set to 'None'. This is accessible via the right click menu.

Runner Shortcuts

CTRL+M = Toggle the map window between visible and hidden.

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