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The map in v5 has been improved significantly over the v4 map. Rather than attempt to calculate the layout each time the player moves, sometimes providing a different layout each time, the v5 map is predefined within Developer. This allows a much greater amount of flexibility of the layout.

For a video demonstration of the ADRIFT map, click here.


Within Developer, locations can be dragged around to give whatever layout is desired.

The map controls within Developer are as follows:

When the mouse is not over anything:

  • Right-click and drag will move the entire map around
  • Left-click and drag will rotate the map
  • Left-click and release will de-select any selected nodes
  • Shift + Left-click and drag will lasso select nodes
  • Double-click will add a new node. The new node automatically starts in edit mode, so typing at this point will change the location name.

When the mouse is over a node/location:

  • Left-click and release will select and activate the node
  • Left-click and drag will move the node (or nodes) around on it’s current Z axis
  • Right-click and release will select and activate the node, and display the node menu
  • Ctrl + Left-click will toggle the selection of the node
  • Double-click will edit the location

When the mouse is over an anchor:

  • Left-click and drag will move the anchor.
    • If the anchor belongs to a node, it will resize the node
    • If the anchor is a mid-point of a link, it will re-shape the link
  • Double-click will create a new link, or edit a current link
    • Clicking on another anchor will complete the link
    • Pressing Escape will cancel the link
  • Right-click and release will select and activate the link, and display the link menu

Keyboard shortcuts

  • Ctrl-U will move any selected nodes up
  • Ctrl-D will move any selected nodes down

You can completely rebuild the map from the location exits by selecting the map and pressing Ctrl-Shift-R. Only do this if the map has become corrupt or you wish to start over again, as the operation is irreversible other than by restoring the adventure.

If you create a new location in your adventure, and do not link it to any other locations, ADRIFT will create a new page on the map, and create the location on this page. You can move locations from one page to another by right-clicking on them, and selecting Move to page. You can also rename each page by right-clicking on the tab and selecting Rename Page.

For step-by-step instructions for adding locations to the map, see Connecting locations using the Map.

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