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This is where you setup the initial location of the player, the introductory text to display before the game starts, and a final message to show after the game finishes.

Press the round button at the top-left of ADRIFT Developer to open the main menu:

Main Menu.JPG

Selecting "Introduction and End of Game" will open the following dialog:


The text that you type in the text box will be displayed when your game first starts. It should tell the player what the game is about, what character they will be playing as and what they need to achieve to win the game. If your game uses any unusual verbs as commands, then this should also be explained.

Under the text box is a drop-down menu where you select the location where the player will start the game. If you tick "Display first room description" above the text box, then the description of this starting room will be displayed immediately after the introductory text. If you dont tick the box then you can enter an alternative description of their start location as part of the introduction.

Now select the "End of Game" tab:

End of Game.jpg

The text that you type into this text box will be displayed when the game finishes.

You can display different text depending upon whether the player won or lost, and what other events occured during the game, by right-clicking the text box and selecting "Add Alternate Description". See Alternate Descriptions for details.

Here is an example of the messages displayed when the game ends:

........................................... *** You have lost ***

You ended up with 16 lollies.

In that game you scored 42 out of a possible 120, in 99 turns.

Would you like to restart, restore a saved game, quit or undo the last command?

  • The first line comes from the "In Defeat" option of the "End Game" action. If "Without a fuss" is chosen instead, then no message is shown here.
  • The second line is the message from the "End of Game" dialog box.
  • The third line is only shown if the MaxScore variable has been set to a value other than zero. It displays the values of the %Score%, %MaxScore% and %Turns% variables.
  • The last line is always shown.

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