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If your map has become very large or very complex then you may want to split it into separate sections, especially if the game has separate chapters which are played in different worlds that are issolated from each other.

Having separate maps is also useful when parts of your map are at different scales, for example when you have a street map that leads into buildings, the space taken by all of the indoor rooms would cause your outdoor locations to be a very long way apart.

Creating a new page

To create a new map page, right-click on the "Page 1" tab at the bottom of the map to show its context menu:


  • Rename Page - This lets you give each page a name instead of the default "Page 1" etc.
  • Add Page - Creates a new blank map page.
ImgTip.pngWhen you have more than one page you can change the order of the tabs by dragging them with the mouse.

Linking between pages

As it is impossible to draw a connection between the two maps, it will be necisary to open the "Directions" page of the location and choose which location on the second map is to be connected to a particular exit:


The exit to the other page will be shown as an arrow:


Another option is to use a task to move the player to a location on the new map when it is time to start that chapter of the game.

Move to Page

When you have more than one page and you right-click on a location on the map, a new option "Move to Page" will available on the context menu. This allows you to move that location to any of the other pages. To move several locations at once, hold down the CTRL key and click on the locations to highlight them all and then right-click on one of them and choose "Move to Page".


IconWarning.pngBefore moving locations between pages it is a good idea to first remove all of the connections between the locations being moved and any location that is staying on this page, as well as connections to locations on the page you are moving them to (shown as an arrow). After moving the locations the connections can be added back.

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