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Adrift Wiki Organisation

The main page is organised into the following sections:

  1. User Guide
    • This section is for general information about installation, setup.
  2. Introductory Tutorials
    • Introductory tutorials are for beginners and should not require the use of keys, expressions, or any advanced features.
  3. Intermediate Tutorials
    • Short tutorials should be added to the "How do I...?" tutorial.
    • Large complex tutorials with screen captures should be written to a new page and a page link added to this section.
    • This section is for tutorials that introduce more advanced features of adrift.
  4. Advanced tutorials
    • These tutorials are intended for people who are already Adrift experts, and use advanced techniques beyond those that a typical Adrift user will ever require.
  5. Adrift Reference
    • These articles should be comprehensive descriptions of each part of Adrift, written in encyclopedic style.
    1. The Main Items
      • This is reserved for the 10 Adrift "Items". You should not change this list.
    2. User Interface
      • Articles about each part of the user interface.
    3. Dialogs
      • Articles about specific dialog boxes.
    4. The Runner
      • Using the Runner to play or debug games.
    5. Importing and Exporting
      • Modules and other file types that can be imported into or exported from an Adrift TAF file.
    6. Functions and Expressions
      • How functions can be used in expressions to perform complex calculations and text manipulations.

Not all of the wiki pages are directly linked from the main page, but are linked from other pages.

All of the wiki pages that have been written are listed at Special:AllPages.

Pages which have not been written yet, but are wanted (have been linked to) are listed at Special:WantedPages.

Editing Pages

There are four main ways to edit a wiki page.

  1. Click on an existing red page link to create a new page.
  2. Create a new page link on an existing page (see Link button on toolbar described below) then click on it.
  3. Click on the Edit tab at the top of a page to edit the entire page or the section headings.
  4. Click on [edit] to the right of a section heading to edit only that section.

For details on how to edit a wiki page, see:

Help:Editing#Toolbar - What the buttons at the top of the edit form do.

Help:Editing#Redirects - How to setup a page link that redirects to another page.

Help:Editing#Other_wiki_formating_codes - How to make lists.

Help:Editing#HTML_codes - Different colored text.

Help:Editing#Tables - Creating tables.