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---- The Player Character
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The player character is the only character that exists when you start to create a new game, and can be found in the "Characters" folder:


This is the only character which is shown with a blue icon, all other characters that you create will have a red icon IconCharacters.jpg

The blue icon indicates that this is the character that the player is directly controlling, and will move from room to room in response to player commands like "go north".

Player vs The Player Character

[ Player ] in the dropdowns is just a character with the name "Player". You would refer to this character using their key Player. You might just as easily rename this character, so character with key Player may not necessarily have the name Player.

[ The Player Character ] is a special entry in the dropdowns, that always points to whichever character the person playing the game is controlling. You would refer to this character using the function %Player%.

At the start of play, and unless otherwise changed, [ The Player Character ] and [ Player ] are one and the same. So the function %Player% will return the value Player (i.e. the key of the character the player is currently controlling).

If, however, you have a task that switches "Player" (key Player) with character "Hamish" (key Character1), then although the character "Player" (key Player) still exists in the game, you are now controlling "Hamish", and so [ The Player Character ] will now refer to Hamish, and the function %Player% will return the key Character1.

So bottom line, you should always use the dropdown entry [ The Player Character ] and use the function %Player% rather than using [ Player ] and the key Player (unless you specifically want to refer to the character that may no longer be controlled by the person playing the game).

To switch [ The Player Character ] to a different character, use the action: [ Move ] [ Character ] [ The Player Character ] [ to switch places with ] [Character to play as].

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