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ADRIFT allows anyone to export an AMF module from the developer, which can then be uploaded to the "Modules" section of the ADRIFT game downloads site where you can download it and import it into your own games.

Modules can also be added to your list of libraries, which will cause them to be automatically imported into each new game you start, and updated when you download a new version of a module.

IconWarning.png ADRIFT currently has only basic export functionality implimented, so the exported file will require manual editing, by a person experienced with the XML format, before it can be used as a library.

Campbell's Libraries

Time System

This library keeps track of hours and minutes, and has periods of the day. Outdoor locations will become dark at night unless you have a light source.

AMF File Library Name Status Requires
TimeSystem Basic Time System library Available] Standard Library

saabie's Libraries

All of saabie's libraries use the "s_" prefix for all keys.

CYOA (choose your own adventure)

This is a cut-down replacement for The Standard Library for use with menu-driven "Choose Your Own Adventure" games that don't allow the player to use normal interactive fiction commands.

AMF File Library Name Status Requires
CYOA Choose your own adventure Available NO OTHER LIBRARIES

Combined Libraries

This library of add-on functionality for ADRIFT will be available with each distinct function in separate files so you can choose which ones you want to use. These libraries will also be available combined into a single library which also includes the full ADRIFT standard library. This file will be called "saaCombined.AMF".

AMF File Library Name Status
saa saabie's Advanced add-ons Alpha testing
sab saabie's Battle library Early development
sac saabie's layered Clothing Under development
sad saabie's Dollars and cents (Shopping) Under development
sae saabie's stairs and Elevators Alpha testing
sai saabie's Interpersonal interactions for characters Not started
sal saabie's Lighting and time of day Under development
sam saabie's Materials Basic version
san saabie's Notebook Alpha testing
sap saabie's random People generator Under development
sas saabie's Surveillance systems Early development
sat saabie's Telephones Early development
sav saabie's extended Verb library Basic version
saw saabie's Weather library Early development

AIF Library

Filename Library Name Status Requirements
sax saabie's AIF library Early development TBD

A file called "saaCombinedA.AMF" which includes the AIF library, all of the "Combined Libraries" above, and the The Standard Library, will also be available.

Xenos's Libraries

Xenos uses the key prefix xe_

Time System Library

  • Standard clock that can show time like "Sunday 2:15PM (Day 1)" or variants.
  • Keeps a running total of total days passed.
  • Can be used to trigger hourly, daily, weekly, or other events/tasks
  • Time advances by 5 minutes per turn (you can adjust that) or you can make events that don't advance time at all.
  • Time can be advanced by other amounts. Want to sleep 8 hours? No problem.
AMF File Library Name Status Requires
time Functions Xenos time system library Available] Standard Library

Mystery's Libraries

Mystery is believed to have several libraries under development, including a very comprehensive materials library.

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