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The .30319 part is the version of .NET 4.0 that is installed on your computer and may vary.
The .30319 part is the version of .NET 4.0 that is installed on your computer and may vary.
=== Standard Library Setup ===
You may need to set the library on the initial load.  To do this, go to File > Settings > Libraries on the main menu of the developer and check if the standard library is listed.
If not then click "Add New Library", and select StandardLibrary.amf
=== Download ===
=== Download ===

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ADRIFT 5 makes use of Version 4.0 of the .NET Framework. If you don't already have this, it can be downloaded through Windows Update. Please note, that even if you have a different version of .NET installed (e.g. 2.0) then you still need to install version 4.0. The different versions are independent and will not affect each other.

On Windows XP this will be in a folder called C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v4.0.30319

The .30319 part is the version of .NET 4.0 that is installed on your computer and may vary.


The latest version of ADRIFT can be found at the ADRIFT Download Page.

Here you will find a full install for new users using Windows, an update to upgrade an older version of ADRIFT 5 to the latest release, and a Linux version of Runner.

If you are new to ADRIFT 5 then download the full install and unzip the zip file to your hard disk. The zip file contains 2 files, setup.exe and ADRIFT5Setup.msi

ADRIFT 5 is being actively developed with new enhancements and bug fixes being added at a rapid rate. Please check back here every month or two to see if a new version has been released.


Run the Setup.exe file that you extracted from ADRIFT5Setup.zip

Select the location where you want ADRIFT 5 to be installed (or just use the default) and ADRIFT will be installed. Note that the Libraries and Samples folders will always be installed to C:\Program Files\Common Files\ADRIFT\

After installing ADRIFT, running the setup program again will give you the options to REPAIR or REMOVE ADRIFT.


If you have previously installed an older version of ADRIFT 5, and wish to upgrade to the newest version, first download and unzip the ADRIFT5.zip upgrade file, which will create a new folder called 5.0.rr (where rr is the new release number). This folder will contain the files that need updating, and may also contain new Libraries and Samples folders. Copy the files to the folder in which you originally installed ADRIFT 5, overwriting the existing files. Copy the Libraries and Samples folders to C:\Program Files\Common Files\ADRIFT\


You do not appear to have any libraries loaded

If, when you start the ADRIFT developer, you get a messagebox that says "You do not appear to have any libraries loaded", then you will need to setup the libraries manually. To do this, click the round button in the top-left corner of the ADRIFT generator to open the main menu and select "Settings".

Switch to the "Libraries" tab and check that "StandardLibrary" is listed.

If it is NOT listed, then press the "Add New Library" button, and find the StandardLibrary.amf file (usually in C:\Program Files\Common Files\ADRIFT\Libraries, or the equivalent on your system)

Ensure that the box to the left of the file path has a tick in it (if not then click on it with the mouse)


Error accessing user dictionary

If, when you enter text into a text box, you get the error message "Error accessing user dictionary at C:\program Files\ADRIFT 5.0\userdictionary.dict. Please go to Settings and set the dictionary path to a path you have write permissions for", then you need to select the settings dialog from the main menu (press the circular button in the top-left corner of the Adrift developer window) and change "the user dictionary location" (of file userdictionary.dict) to a folder that windows allows you to write to.

Windows 7 doesn't allow users to modify files in the "Program Files" folder without elevated permissions. Hence the user dictionary needs to be in your "My Documents" folder.

Running Games

Runner should be able to load and run games made with ADRIFT versions 3.9, 4.0 and 5.0

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