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The StaticLocation function returns the type of the parent of the selected static object, which will be one of "Hidden", "Single Location", "Location Group", "Everywhere", "Part of Character" or "Part of Object".


This function can only be used with static objects. If this function is used in a task with an %object% reference, then use the following restriction to ensure that the object selected by the player is static.



The "Location of the object" property of the object has a drop-down list containing the six possible settings for this state-list property. Selecting one of these states determines which location type will be returned by the StaticLocation function.


How to use

This function simply returns the type of location, of the object's location, as a string of 1 to 3 words that can be inserted into text. No further functions can be appended to it.


  • Object7.StaticLocation
The Location of a specific object.
  • %object%.StaticLocation
The Location of the referenced object, in a task with an %object% reference.

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