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This is a property of DYNAMIC objects only. This property should be set for all dynamic objects if you want to limit how much weight the player is able to carry with them, and force them to choose which objects they keep.

If the player uses the "get %object%" command on an object that does not have this selected, or who have not reached their weight limit yet, then the "get %object%" general command will respond as follows:

> get brick
Ok, you pick up the brick.

If an object has this property, and taking it would exceed the weight limit on what the player may carry, then they will get the following restriction failure message:

> get brick
The brick is too heavy to carry.

Setting the weights

The weight of the object is set by choosing one of the names in the drop-down list. Each named value has a value defined by the Weight property. (see Definition section below)


The maximum weight that the character can carry is set on the character's property page. This is set as a count of the number of objects of a certain weight that they can carry. The total maximum weight is the given number multiplied by the named value as defined on the Weight property:


Using the weight value

You can print the weight of the object, or use the value in an expression, by using the Weight function.


These properties are defined in the "Give, Take and Drop" folder of The Standard Library.


  • Property of: Objects - It is only available on the property page of Objects.
  • Type: Value - The property can be set to one of the predefined values in the "Value List" box.
  • Its not mandatory.
  • It only appears if the object type is dynamic, so is not available on static objects.
  • At the bottom is a list of values, each of which has a name. It is the name which is shown in drop-down lists when setting the weight of an object, or the maximum weight that a character can carry, but it is the number which is returned by the Weight function and used in restrictions.


  • Property of: Characters - It is only available on the property page of Characters.
  • Type: Integer.
  • Its not mandatory.
  • Integer type: Object weight - This property uses the Object Weight value property to define its possible values.
  • Refine by value: <No restriction value>
  • This property is not dependant on any other, so will appear on the properties page of every character.

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