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The Known function is used to filter a group of characters so that only those that are known to the player remain.


A character is "Known" to the player if its "Is this character known to the player" property has been set. If this property is set then the "Name" function will return the proper name of the character, otherwise it will return the descriptor of the character.


How to use

This function can be appended to any function which returns a list of character keys. It will filter the characters so that only characters with their "Is this character known to the player" property set will remain in the list, which can then be printed with the List function.


  • Object7.Contents(Characters).Known.Count
Count the number of characters known to the player who are inside of the object whos key is Object7.
  • %object%.Children(Characters,On).Known.List
List the characters which are on top of the referenced object, but only if they are known to the player.

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