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This function is used to filter a group of characters so that only those that have their "Show character entering/exiting the location" property set will remain.


This property determines whether the "Description when exits the location" and "Description when enters the location" properties will be available on the property sheet. It is these two dependant properties which control the message that will be displayed when this character moves in or out of the location that the player is in.


How to use

This function can be appended to any function which returns a list of character keys. It will filter the characters so that only characters with their "Show character entering/exiting the location" property set will remain in the list, which can then be printed with the List function.


  • Object7.Contents(Characters).ShowEnterExit.Count
Count the number of characters, with this property set, who are inside of the object whos key is Object7.
  • %object%.Children(Characters,On).ShowEnterExit.List
List the characters, which are on top of the referenced object, but only if they have this property set.

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