%character%.ProperName function

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This function returns the contents of the "Proper Name" field at the top of the description page for the indicated character.

For the following character it will return "John Smith".


See also the %character%.Name function which will return the proper name of the character if its "Known" property is set, or the descriptor (article-adjective-noun fields) if not set.


  • %character%.ProperName
Name of the character referenced in a task.
  • Character12.ProperName
Name of character with the key "Character12"
  • %Player%.CharOnWho.ProperName
Name of the character the player is sitting on top of.
You should ensure that the player is actually sitting on another character, or use a restriction to check they are, otherwise an error message will be displayed.
  • %AloneWithChar%.ProperName
Name of the only character that is currently in the same location as the player.
You must test the restriction [The Player Character][must][be alone with][Any Character] prior to using this function otherwise an error will occur if there is not exactly one other character at the players location.
  • %ConvCharacter%.ProperName
Name of the character that is currently in conversation with the player.
You must ensure that the player is in conversation before using this function.

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