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The "Parent" function will give the key of the object, location or character that this character is inside or on top of.

IconWarning.png Not working in 5.0.26 - May crash ADRIFT runner.


The "Location of the character" property determines whether the "At which Location", "In Which object?", "On which object?" or "On which character?" property of the character is displayed in the property list. Setting one of these properties determines which object, character or Location will be returned by the Parent function.





How to use

This function returns an item key.

To use an object function, character function or location function you will need to use a restriction to limit the task or alternate description to the required item type.


  • Character7.Parent
The key of the parent of Character7.
  • %Player%.Parent.ShortLocationDescription
If we know that the player is at a location, this gives the short description of that location.
  • %character%.Parent.Weight
The weight of the object that the referenced character is either sitting inside of or on top of.

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