Separate Inventories for files, keys and supplies

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The basic inventory in ADRIFT 5 seems to be a bit disorganized, so, I came up with a good solution for this. Splitting it into categories using properties.

A few simple steps to do this: First, go to the properties folder and create a property with the name _O_Is a game file for files, _O_Is a key item for keys or _O_Is a supply item for supplies. NOTE: The "_O_" is a common thing with me, so the property appears first on the list.
Second: Create a general task, name it with the category(Files, Keys or Supplies). On the message, type "Player.Held.<propertyname>.List". On the <propertyname>, you search the property you created on the first step. With that done, go to the third step below.
Third: Create a dynamic object, name it with the name you want, such as for me, one is "Gameplay Manual 1" or "<roomname> key".

Issues with this: ->When the player has no items with the defined property, the game will simply say NOTHING when displaying the results. (I'm trying to solve this one)

But, the basic part is there, only the above issue pertains.