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ADRIFT 5 Modules are simply the same data that is stored in a TAF, but in an uncompressed text format. The data format used to encode modules is XML, so modules can be viewed or edited with an appropriate XML editor or viewer such as Notepad or Internet Explorer.

You can either export the entire game or select individual items and folders for export. Select "Export" from the main menu and choose "Module". If you have items selected, you will be prompted whether you wish to export just the selected items.


It is also possible to right-click a folder and choose "Export Folder" to export the contents of that folder.


Modules can also be used as Libraries, by simply selecting them in the Libraries list in Settings. However, before doing so it is necessary to remove a few sections, otherwise they will interfere with your adventure. These are the Title, Author and ShowExits tags at the start of the file, and the Map section at the end.

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