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What are Macros

Macros are a sequence of commands that can be pre-defined within Runner, and played back at any time during a game. You can create any number of macros, and either make them available for a specific game, or for any game.

Macros are especially useful when creating your game, for testing purposes, to ensure you can complete the game from start to finish.

How to create a Macro

From within Runner, and once you have a game running, from the Macros menu select Edit Macros. This will open a dialog window, listing all macros currently defined for the current game down the left-hand side, plus any defined for all games.

To create a new Macro, click the Add button. This will ask you for a name for the macro. This name is what will appear in the main Macros menu in Runner, so should be something that makes sense for the commands the macro will run. Once you click OK, the new macro will be selected in the left-hand list, and the right-hand text area will activate. In the right-hand textbox, enter any number of commands, one per line.

If the macro is one that you are likely to use a lot, you can assign a keyboard shortcut from the dropdown menu. The available shortcuts are the function keys F1 to F12. If you have more than 12 macros available to a game, only a maximum of 12 can be given shortcuts, so it makes sense to only assign them to the macros you use most often.

If the macro is not game specific (i.e. the set of commands is something you might want to do in any game) then you can select the Macro applies to all adventures checkbox. If this checkbox is not selected, the macros will only be available for the game you are currently playing. Please note - the way ADRIFT identifies a game is to use the IFID. Therefore, if you are editing your game and Save As rather than Save, it will generate a new IFID, and your macros will no longer be available for that game unless you select the 'applies to all' checkbox.

You can insert comments in a macro (as you can during normal play) by inserting a line starting with the hash (#) symbol.

Macros can be aborted whilst they are running by pressing the Esc key during playback.

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