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This is a complete list of all of the item functions in alphabetical order.

AtLocation - Which single location contains this static object.

AtLocationGroup - Which location group contains this static object.

CanBeTurnOffAndOn - The "Object can be turned off and on" state property of an object

Capacity - How many tiny objects can fit in this object (Containers only)

CharacterAtLocation - The "At Location" property of a character.

CharacterLocation - Current Location of the character.

CharacterPosition - Standing, sitting or lying.

CharacterProperName - The proper name of a character.

CharactersCanGoInOb - Can characters go inside of this container object?

CharEnters - Contents of "Description when enters the location" text box.

CharExits - Contents of "Description when exits the location" text box.

CharHereDesc - What to show when the character is at the location.

CharInsideWhat - The key of the container object that the character is inside of.

CharOnWhat - The key of the supporter object that the character is on top of.

CharOnWho - Key of character that this character is sitting on.

Children - List keys of objects and characters on top of a supporter object.

Container - Is this object a container?

Contents - Keys of objects and characters inside a container object.

Count - Returns the number of items in a list of items.

Description (of character) - The description given when you examine a character.

Description (of Location) - The contents of the text box containing the long description of a location.

Description (of object) - The contents of the text box containing the description of an object.

Descriptor - Article, adjective and noun of character descriptor.

Drinkable - Can the player drink this object?

DynamicLocation - The name of the current location of a dynamic object.

Edible - Can the player eat this object?

Exits - List the Exits from a location.

ExplicitlyExclude - Is this dynamic object being prevented from being listed after the location description?

ExplicitlyList - Is this static object to be listed after the location description?

Gender - Is character "Male", "Female" or "Unknown".

Held - A list of all objects held by the character

HeldByWho - Key of character that the object is being held by.

InLocation - KEY of the objects location.

InsideWhat - The key of the container object that the object is inside of.

Known - Is this character known to the player?

Lieable - Can a character lie on this object? (Surfaces only)

List - Creates a comma-separated list from a list of item keys.

ListDescription - The "When the object is listed in location, display this" property of a Static object.

ListDescriptionDynamic - The "When the object is listed in location, display this" property of a Dynamic object.

Location - Key of the location containing the character.

Lockable - Can this object be locked? (openable objects only)

LockKey - The key of the object that is used as a key to unlock this object.

LockStatus - Can the object be locked?

LongLocationDescription - Display the Long description of a location.

MaxBulk - The max. number of tiny objects that this character can carry.

MaxWeight - Maximum weight of items that a character can carry.

Name (of object) - The article, adjective and noun of an objects name.

Name (of location) - The short description of a Location.

Objects - The dynamic objects at a location.

OnWhat - The object that this object is sitting on top of.

Openable - Can this object be opened and closed?

OpenStatus - Is the object Open, Closed or Locked?

Parent (of character) - The key of the location or object that immediately contains the character.

Parent (of object) - The location, character or object that is directly holding this object.

PartOfWhat - The object or character that this object is a part of.

PartOfWho - Key of character that the object is a part of (Face, hands, nose etc.)

ProperName - The proper name of the character.

Readable - Can the player read this object?

ReadText - Display text of "...and description when read" object property.

ShortLocationDescription - The name (short description) of a location

ShowEnterExit - Shall the player be told whenever this character moves in or out of the players location.

Sittable - Can a character sit on this object? (Surfaces only)

Size - How big is the object.

Standable - Can a character stand on this object? (Surfaces only)

StaticLocation - The name of the location of a static object.

StaticOrDynamic - Is the object Static or Dynamic?

Surface - Does the object have a surface that can support other objects.

SurfaceHold - How many tiny objects can fit on top of the object (Supporters only)

Wearable - Can a character wear this object?

Weight - How heavy is the object.

Worn - A list of all objects worn by the character

WornByWho - Key of the character who is wearing the object.

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