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This is a different style of Interactive Fiction from that which is normally written with ADRIFT. Instead of the player directly controlling a characters every move, a "Choose Your Own Adventure" (CYOA) is more like reading a book, but one in which the player is periodically asked to choose what happens next from a given menu of possibilities.

It is similar to printed gamebook style fiction in which each page of the book ends with a list of choices. The reader picks one of the choices which then directs them to turn to a particular page number and continue reading from there.

There are two different ways that you could do this using ADRIFT:

  • Using Locations - This has the advantage that the map displays the entire story as a flowchart and you can use the map to quickly add new pages and their connections to other pages. The main disadvantages are that you will need both a location and a task for any page that needs to update the score or any other variables, and all menus must use a simple numbered list of options.
  • Using Tasks - This is the old method and is quick and easy for small games but can become confusing to keep track of all the page numbers and links for larger games. It's main advantages are that you can use locations and objects so that the player can still "Look" or examine objects at the location. It is also possible to use named menu choices instead of numbers. The main disadvantages are that every task needs a restriction to check which page number the player is currently at, and all menu's that link to the same page must use the same number (or name) to refer to it.

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