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This library is a very large collection of ADRIFT add-on functionality that covers a wide range of different features, each of which is stored in its own folder under the "Saabie Libraries\Additions to Standard Library\" folder.

Most of these add-ons are fairly simple additions to the standard library that add a specific feature.

If you don't want a specific feature, then you can just delete that folder from your game, but note that the contents of the "General" folder are required by the other libraries.


The World - ADRIFT only supports global variables of type "text" and "number", so we provide this hidden static object as a place to store locations, characters, objects, state lists and value lists as properties. These properties are marked "private" to "the World" so that they don't clutter-up the property sheets of other objects.

< Nothing > and < Nobody > - A special object and character that can be selected for object/character/item properties to signify that they are not set to any actual object or character.

[EVERYBODY] - A character group in which you must manually select every character in the game so that library tasks can loop over every character when performing a search. It performs the same function as the [Everywhere] location group in the standard library.

Variables: X, Y, Z, S1, S2 - These are used to hold temporary values during calculations within tasks, or when more than one value needs to be passed to a called task. You can use them for your own temporary variables. X, Y and Z are numbers, S1, S2 are text.

s_NoDesc - This contains a list of nouns of things which are likely to be found in outdoor locations but which have not been implimented as objects. If the player tries to examine one of these they will get a message that it is just scenery and not important, instead of the default message that it doesn't exist.

Player movement

Pushable objects

Switching player character

Search and Examine







Put Under or Behind


Owned objects




Bodyparts (general)

Date and Age



Species and Attributes


Open and Close

Inventory Management