Runner Menus and Toolbars

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What it is

The Runner is a essential part of the ADRIFT 5 Suite, because it's in the Runner that you can test your games and the players use it to run your game. So, let us explain a bit about it.

The File Menu And Main Toolbar

The file menu host all of the Runner's main options, the options you'll use the most. Open Adventure or Yellow Folder Prompts you to select a .TAF file(adventure) to open and play in the Runner.

Open Game or Blue Folder The Open Game option allows you to open a previously saved game and continue the adventure from where you left off.

Restart Game Restarts the Adventure game being played at the moment, means that you start from the beginning.

Save Game or Floppy disk Used with Open Game, the Save Game option basically saves your progress up to the point where the option is activated(clicked). It asks you for a name for the save file, type the name then click Save.

Save Game As If you saved the game previously and want to make a backup of your save, use this option. Type the name and click Save.

Start Transcript Records and exports the text in the game to a .TXT file.

Recent Adventures Point here and a submenu will open showing all your recently played adventures. Click on one to load and run it.

Exit Closes the Runner application(obviously).