Runner Menus and Toolbars

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What it is

The Runner is a essential part of the ADRIFT 5 Suite, because it's in the Runner that you can test your games and the players use it to run your game. So, let us explain a bit about it.

The File Menu And Main Toolbar

The file menu host all of the Runner's main options, the options you'll use the most. Open Adventure or Yellow Folder: Prompts you to select a .TAF file(adventure) to open and play in the Runner.

Open Game or Blue Folder: The Open Game option allows you to open a previously saved game and continue the adventure from where you left off.

Restart Game: Restarts the Adventure game being played at the moment, means that you start from the beginning.

Save Game or Floppy disk: Used with Open Game, the Save Game option basically saves your progress up to the point where the option is activated(clicked). It asks you for a name for the save file, type the name then click Save.

Save Game As: If you saved the game previously and want to make a backup of your save, use this option. Type the name and click Save.

Start Transcript: Records and exports the text in the game to a .TXT file.

Recent Adventures: Point here and a submenu will open showing all your recently played adventures. Click on one to load and run it.

Exit: Closes the Runner application(obviously).