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This is a sequence of restrictions combined with AND and OR boolean operations and optional nesting with parentheses to create a complex condition that is used to determine if a Task should execute or an Alternate Description be displayed in a text box. The restrictons tab of a task looks like this:


While the restrictions for an Alternate Description or a movement direction are displayed on a separate form:


Individual Restrictions can be moved up and down by selecting them and using the arrow buttons on the right, and can be edited by double clicking on them, or pressing the "Edit" button when selected. New Restrictions are added with the "Add" button, and deleted by selecting them and pressing "Delete".

The boolean AND/OR relation between two restrictions (or groups of restrictions) is toggled by clicking on it. Likewise the parentheses to the left and right of the restrictions can be toggled on and off by clicking them, with double parentheses accessible by holding down the CTRL key as you click.