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This is a property of DYNAMIC objects only. This property should be set for any liquids or containers that currently contain a liquid.

If the player uses the "drink %object%" command on an object that does NOT have this selected, then they will get the following restriction failure message:

> drink water
You can't drink the water!

If an object has this property, then the "drink %object%" general command will respond as follows:

> drink water
As delicious as the water looks, you are not thirsty right now.

To actually allow the player to drink an object you will need to override the "Drink object" general task with a specific task for that object which describes the effects of drinking it and which has an action to remove the object to the "Hidden" location. If the object is a container that contains a liquid then replace it with an empty container.


These properties are defined in the "Eat and Drink" folder of The Standard Library.


  • Property of: Objects - It is only available on the property page of Objects.
  • Type: Selection Only - It only has a tick-box, so can be selected or not.
  • Its not mandatory.
  • It only appears if the object type is dynamic, so is not available on static objects.

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