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(Advanced Tutorials)
(Advanced Tutorials)
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* [[Creating Libraries and Modules]]
* [[Creating Libraries and Modules]]
* [[Separate Inventories for files, keys and supplies]]
* [[Separate Inventories for files, keys and supplies]]
* [[Pickable Locks, or how to unlock doors without the right key]]
== ADRIFT Reference ==
== ADRIFT Reference ==

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ADRIFT is an acronym for Adventure Development & Runner - Interactive Fiction Toolkit

It is a tool for writing Interactive Fiction and Text Adventure Games that are controlled by entering commands as text, and which primarily describe what is happening though prose (Although pictures and sound effects can also be added).

The wiki is divided into 3 main sections: a user guide to give you a quick introduction to how to start playing or writing interactive fiction, tutorials to show you how to add specific features to your game, and a reference manual that explains each part of ADRIFT in detail.

User Guide


Introductory Tutorials

Intermediate Tutorials

Advanced Tutorials

ADRIFT Reference

The Main Items

Items are the building blocks of an ADRIFT adventure. There are twelve types of item in ADRIFT.

The 5 items available in simple mode are:

The other 7 items, available if simple mode is turned off:

User Interface


The Runner

Importing & Exporting

Functions and Expressions