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The SurfaceHold function returns the maximum number of objects that can fit on top of a supporter object, as an integer.


The "Object is a supporter" and "...and the surface can hold" properties of the object must be selected to be able to use this function.

You can check this using the object restriction:

[object] [must] [have property] [...and the surface can hold]


The "...and the surface can hold" property of the object has a number entry field. The value returned by this function will be this number.


The "...and the surface can hold" property is defined to be of type "Integer".

IconWarning.png The ADRIFT standard library does not currently check this value when placing an object in a supporter. The type of this property may be changed to "Object size" or "Object Weight" in a future ADRIFT version.

How to use

This function simply returns the value of the maximum number of objects this object can hold as a single integer value that can be inserted into text, or used as part of an expression in a restriction or action. No further functions can be appended to this function.


  • Object7.SurfaceHold
The maximum number of objects that the specific object with the key "Object7" can support.
  • %object%.SurfaceHold
The maximum number of objects that the referenced object, in a task with an %object% reference, can support.

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