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List the available exits from a location.

The available directions for a location are given on its directions page:


The function %location%.Exits.List will create a comma-separated list of all of the directions that exit from this location.

North, East, SouthEast, South, SouthWest and West
  • This function does Bold textNOT check the movement restrictions. Use the general function %ListExits[%character%]% to only list directions that a character is permitted to use to leave their current location.
  • Most directions have several synonyms that the player can enter. This function will always list the first word on each synonym list:



When you enter "%location%.Exits.", ADRIFT will give you a list of two functions to choose from: "List" and "Count".

  • Both of the following will list all of the exits from the location:
  • The following should give the number of available exits from this location:

IconWarning.png In version 5.0.26 this lists the exits instead of giving the number of exits.

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