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This is a property of all Locations.

The Long Location Desciption is one of the two properties shown on the description page of locations, where it is labeled "Long description".

The contents of this text box is displayed when the player moves into this location, or when they use the Look command, and is usually preceeded by the Short Location Description and followed by a list of dynamic objects and characters that are currently at this location.

> look
Lounge Room
This is a very basic lounge room. A couple of well worn chairs face a very old television set.
Also here is a bouquet of flowers and a fountain pen. Marcia and Jan are here.

The Description location function will return the contents of this text box.


This property is defined in the "Properties" folder of The Standard Library:


  • Property of: Locations - It is only available on the property page of Locations.
  • Type: Text - This property will contain a text box.
  • Because this property is shown on the description page, not the properties page, the "Mandatory" tick-box and the "This property will only appear if the following are true" section, will have no effect.

%location%.Description function

The "Description" function is an alias for the "LongLocationDescription" function. Both of these functions return the contents of the "Long Location Description" property of locations, which is the text box marked "Long Description:" on the "Description" page of a location.

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